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“Strengthen Your Biceps and Triceps in this Ultimate Arm Workshop”
with Bita Peck and Dhana J Stevens

  • Firm your biceps.
  • Sculpt your triceps.
  • Learn the proper form and mechanics of triceps exercises.
  • Learn precise arm alignments while practicing yoga poses such as:
    • Downward Facing Dog
    • Plank
    • Chaturanga
    • Upward Facing Dog
    • Low Cobra & Cobra
    • Arm Balances
  • Avoid potential shoulder injuries such as: frozen shoulder, rotator cuff inhibition, and impingements.
  • Perfect your Sun Salutation.

When: Saturday, October 14th, from 2:00PM to 4:00PM

Cost: $40.

Register Here

For additional information please email Bita or Dhana

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Bita Peck
Why I teach: Author and spiritual master Amit Ray writes: “Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.” It is this concept of addition that has driven my love for yoga and my passion to spread its message.
Since I was so privileged to have the opportunity to find yoga and learn from the best, I feel compelled to uphold this individualized level of fostering, the key groundwork for the proper introduction of yoga to students and a strong foundation for students’ self-development in the years to come. Yoga is a wonderful addition to one’s life, and one that is embraced when shared properly.
I embody a careful, thoughtful process when teaching students so yogis can get in touch with their intuitive senses and better understand the importance of pace, alignment and inward connection – a mindful approach that is equally beneficial to practitioners of all skill levels.
When practiced mindfully, yoga asanas (body postures), the third limb of the eight-limbed path that forms the structural framework for yoga practice, can provide many of the same benefits as more formal meditation practices. It embodies and unites all aspects of oneself – body, mind, breath and soul – to find awareness, acceptance, and mindfulness.
Teaching mindful yoga is my passion and awakening your inner grace, poise, flexibility, balance, strength, and present moment awareness is a vital practice for students wanting to embrace yoga as a lifestyle.
The driving factor of my teaching is sharing the gift of “mindful yoga” for life, one person at a time.

Bita Peck
Dhana Stevens

Dhana J Stevens

Dhana teaches thoughtful vinyasa flow that builds through music and is followed by restorative poses to cultivate mindfulness and self-compassion on the yoga mat and in daily life.  Along with her sense of humor, she offers individualized modifications and hands-on adjustments to create a balanced and energized practice in every class.

As a professional dancer and choreographer, with a degree in Psychology, Dhana has long been in tune with the power of the mind/body connection.  After retiring to raise her family, a sudden life-altering event, inspired a return to teaching and a passion for the healing redemptive power of yoga.

Mentored by Lainie Devina and Jennifer Elliott, Dhana received her 500 hour RYT certification from YogaWorks.  She credits her very first yoga teacher, Drorit Rudin, for inspiring her to follow this path.

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Studio Schedule

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