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“A Journey Towards Spinal Awareness and Health”
with Heidi Downen

Back to the Core is the second of a series of workshops dedicated to releasing and strengthening the spine.

 In many traditions and cultures the powerhouse of the body are the core muscles, as they sustain the trunk and enable us to hold an erect posture and have a healthy alignment.

The first workshop focused on release and lengthening the lower back; in this one Heidi will share kinesthetic awareness, poses (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama) to stabilize and strengthen the muscles that affect the mobility of the sacro-lumbar region of the spine.

These poses will help to improve poor postural habits and achieve greater freedom of movement, enabling you to feel stronger and healthier.

Suitable for beginners.

Props will be provided. You will need to bring  a hand towel.

Please eat a light lunch a few hours before you arrive.

Back to the Core

When: April 21st from 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Cost: $35 for members/existing students and early registration. $45 at the door. Sign up online or call the office.

For additional information please contact Heidi: (661) 755-4600  or e-mail.

 Refund policy: We will happily refund your money if someone else takes your spot from the wait list up to April 16th, 2018. 


Heidi Downen has her YogaWorks 500-RYT and 85-PRYT (pre/postnatal) and 35- Subtle Body (tantric yoga) certificates with the Yoga Alliance. She teaches different styles of yoga from Vinyasa Flow to Restorative and loves working with all levels of yogis. She volunteers at local elementary schools to introduce the practice of yoga and mindfulness to children.

This is part 2 of a 3 part series created and developed by Grazia Piras and Heidi Downen.
 All three workshops are happening at Bodysattva over the next couple of months.
Part 1 is not required to take part 2.

Learn more about:
Part 1
Part 3

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